How does it work?

Nanex Always Dry Textile & Leather functions as an ultra-thin protection layer. The coating attaches itself around every individual fiber of the original product and protects against stains. In addition, the coating is superhydrophobic, which means it is water repellent.

Stain protection

Stain resistance prevents liquid absorption and fine particles adhering to fiber and fabric surfaces. Because of our protective layer around every fiber, coffee-, wine-, mud- or other stains can’t penetrate into the fiber. Dirt can easily be removed with an absorbent cloth or water without the use of detergents. Therefore, Nanex Textile & Leather preserves the original look and feel of purchased goods and prevents from permanent staining.



In nature, water droplets bounce off of lotus plant leaves. This is the wonder of nature’s water repellent design. Nanex Textile & Leather repels water in a similar way as the lotus plant, by creating little tails on the micro surface. It does that to such a degree that droplets don’t flat out, but roll off the surface instead. This effect is the highest possible degree of protection against water while keeping the original fabric breathable.