In cooperation with our partners,  Nanex creates game changing solutions and inspiring moments. Jasna & Katrien are using Nanex Technology to change the fashion industry.
While Rainworks creates positive messages and art that appear when it rains. 

Jasna Rok

Fashion designer Jasna Rok uses innovative Nanex Technology to make her designs stain resistant and water repellent. Her collection for the staff of ‘The Suicide Club’ in Rotterdam is a beautiful example.

Her achievements
2016: Fashion Week Berlin and Amsterdam
2016: Tec Art Exhibition @ WORM Rotterdam
2016: Award Winner Hackday Berlin 


Shoe designer Katrien, founder of Elegnano, uses  Nanex coatings in the production of her creations. The goal of those coatings is to prolong the lifetime. 

Her achievements 
2014: Katrien became the only Belgian finalist in the prestigious Muuse x Vogue Talents – Young Vision Award Accessories.
2015: Starter of the Year Belgium


Peregrine is the artist behind Rainworks and uses Nanex technology to create street art that only appear when raining.

His achievements
2015: Film production on Rainworks by Waka Waka Studio
2017: Praised by INSIDER