Nanex HQ @ The Hive



Nanex takes its inspiration from current social problems such as excessive consumption, detergents and water waste. Each day we look for solutions in order to tackle these problems. We believe anything is possible.

– What if you don’t need detergents anymore for washing your clothes, car and the daily housekeeping?
– What if polluted indoor air gets purified by a simple coating?
– What if the facade of your house is protected against dirt and algea?
– What if your mobile screens are scratch free?

Perhaps the future is closer than you think…



Aaron Claeys, the founder of Nanex, was captivated by new technologies at an early age. He has been fascinated by technological trends such as 3D printing, the internet of things and nanotechnology. After a long journey nanotechnology proved to be his thing. This technology, after all, has the potential to unleash a new revolution. It could drastically reduce our footprint on this earth. With this in mind Nanex Company was born in 2012.

In the beginning, Nanex was focussing on the research of nanoparticles and its properties. At the same time, Aaron Claeys travelled around the world looking for interesting partners. On his journey he met many interesting partners and got a needed knowhow to make Nanex stronger. Today Nanex has a vast international network that stretches across various industries, universities, testing centers and suppliers.



Our team includes enthusiastic and creative people with the same goal: to develop high-technology products that facilitate daily life and extend the life of products.