For multimedia, Nanex offers a variety of unique solutions which are distributed in the market.


* Nanex offers a specialised nano cleaner. The cleaner has effective cleaning properties with a high gloss finish. What makes this product unique on the market is that it leaves a small invisible protective layer which is highly anti-static.

Electronics are highly electrically charged, attracting a lot of dust and dirt. Your device looks dirty and there is a high risk of faults or errors when dust finds its way into the internal part of the device.

By cleaning the surface with our product, your device keeps the anti-static properties for weeks. This results in less dust and dirt building up on the surface, keeping your devices clean with a lower risk of defects caused by internal dust accumulation.

* Secondly, we will be launching our protective coating for screens very soon. When this product is applied, it develops a very strong coating that cannot be scratched due to its hardness! Leaving your screen impeccable!


* For industrial applications we have easy2use spray-on product that can protect print plates and electronic components against water damage. This product can be applied by means of any spraying machinery.