Nanex was founded in 2012. We started off with the research of the properties of nano materials and entered the market in 2013 with our first super hydrophobic formulations. The investment in our research and development network allowed us to invent more nano based formulations with different properties and to increase the distribution.

Working with international distributors and leading companies allowed us to create strong partnerships for the evaluation en certification of our inventions, making it possible to scale up and upgrade our R&D facilities. In communication with our partners and customers, we received a big request to apply our technology and solutions on production lines, manufacturing or mixed compositions with materials and so our latest line of industrial solutions was created.


We strongly believe that the evolution of the market will be aiming at multi-functional and highly performing coating solutions. That is where our main focus lies today. We strive to be very flexible in an ever more rapidly changing global market and adjust our efforts according to the demands in the market.


By surface protection, restoration and preservation, consumer goods, general materials or machines don’t have to be changed as often and leave a major effect on our consumption behavior.

Furthermore our research in the field of nanotechnology clearly shows the opportunities for clearing the air from VOCs, removing and preventing bacteria from developing, which can have a huge effect on the environment and the general health of the people. Some of our products are capable of cleansing the air from toxins on a large scale. This is a field which is yet to be explored for mass applications.

Our biggest goal is to provide products that are more performant but that equally reduce the impact we have on the environment as this is now of greater importance then ever before.