Nanex offers an aerosol product for the protection of shoes, accessories, caps and items which are not frequently washed, in order to provide a protection to the highest degree against stains and water !

Our product has been tested to be one of the most durable, and easy to use and aims at the most intensive protection, leaving your beloved goods untouched and looking like new!


For industrial use we developed a coating which can be added in the production of clothing and outdoor wear.

The product is added as a finish by dipping, spraying, rolling or by means of other application machinery, leaving it washable to a high degree.

Furthermore the product develops a highly water, oil and stain repellent nano layer. Providing a high protection which is washable to a high degree.
Using our product reduces the amount of waste water, the use of detergent and also preserves your clothing, creating a big impact on our ecological footprint and preserving our environment.