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AquaShield Waterproof Coating Products

Waterproof Spray- always dry More Info

AquaShield Leather and Suede  Coating is a water-based hydrophobic treatment for water absorptive fabric and textiles. The coating creates a highly potent water repellent barrier whi le maintaining the breathability of the textile and with no change to appearance or texture.

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Hydrophobic Auto Body CoatingMore Info

AquaShield Concrete and Stone is a potent super hydrophobic and waterproof sealant that creates an invisible barrier again moisture, mold, and algae on any porous stone or cement surface. The weather resistance potential of this coating makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

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Hydrophobic Auto Body CoatingMore Info

Dryve Auto Body Coating is a first of its kind truly self-cleaning formula for automotive bodies. While many existing formulas focus on hydrophobicity, repelling only wet dirt, Dryve contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties

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Introducing Super-Hydrophobics

Whether it was in trade journals or on The National news you may have heard quite a bit about super hydrophobic technology in the last year or so and t here’s good reason for that; these technologies are a next generation in protective coatings. When done r ight they are completely invisible, eco-friendly, n on- toxic, incredibly versatile in their application, a nd more potent than any of their predecessors.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s get into the scien ce a bit and define what these disruptive technolog ies are.

The Technical Explanation of Hydrophobicity

The really technical explanation of hydrophobicity; Anything that is nonpolar (hydrophobic) is when there is no difference in the electronegativity. Take for example H-C the H and C have similar electronegativities therefore they are non polar or hydrophobic. Water is polar because the difference in electroneg ativity between the O and H is quite large. The general rule is like dissolves like so since wa ter is polar anything else that is polar will be di ssolved in water. Oil is non-polar (hydrophobic) because it co ntains H and C and thus does not dissolve in water.

The Simple Definition of Hydrophobic Nano-Coatings

More simply said; hydrophobicity can be thought of as the “opposite” of surface tension, which is a property that makes a liquid sticky to a solid obje ct. For example, have you ever noticed that a drop of water on the underside of an inclined plane will sl ide down the surface rather than immediately fall off? This is because the surface tension of the object. Super hydrophobic technology revolutionizes surface tension and crafts it to our liking on a sub-molecu lar level.

Hydrophobicity & Nanotechnology

In simple terms, nanotechnology is anything that is both very small and man-made... but how small, exactly? The central unit of measurement for nanote chnology is the nano-metre, which is one-billionth of a metre. When you work at those levels the incre dible becomes possible. The types of nanotechnology used in Nanex’s nano-coatings are na no-polymers: particles made from naturally occurring minerals, cut down to the size and form n eeded. These nano-polymers are then combined with a liquid delivery agent and become the foundat ion of Nanex’s nano-coatings. Super-Hydrophobic Nano-Coating Products This gives us and you the ability to make any every day object not just hydrophobic, but super- hydrophobic. Through nanotechnology we can give com petitive swimmers the same incredible edge that a dolphin exhibits when it darts through the w ater at amazing speeds, or we can simply prevent your sofa from absorbing coffee stains. In fact we can make fluid literally run from the surface of a textile. The advent of functional easy to use super hydrophobic formulas have truly brought about a ne w world of possibilities.

Nanex products are Eco Friendly!Nanex products are biodegradable and eco-friendly formulations. After 24 hours the product becomes completely harmless. Take the next step in evolution for protecting your belongings now! It can safely be used in food processing environments both at home and industrially.